Facebook Demographics

Would you believe it if I told you:


  • Women make up 56.2% of Facebook users
  • 25% of U.S. Facebook users are over the age of 35
  • 45% of U.S. users are over the age of 26
  • Teenagers only account for 12% of Facebook users

I bet you thought Facebook was for kids, didn’t you? (at least someone I talked to the other day thought so despite my attempt to enlighten him)  

Mabye that’s why they are allowing more teens to join.

Andy Beal the Marketing Pilgrim pointed me to these stats.

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  • I’m not surprised. My wife is in love with Facebook because she’s been able to reconnect with so many old friends. Nice find on the metrics!

  • Sounds logical to me. When Facebook originally launched, you needed a school (college/university, not high school) email address to join, so there were probably very few teens on back then. I think myspace is more for the younger, teen generation. Facebook, and then LinkedIn, are the next steps for business-social interaction.